I’m on Doctor Floyd’s voice mail!

Guess what! A little while ago, I left a voice mail for Doctor Floyd to see if he could come to my birthday party – and they played it today! Have a listen to the voicemail episode, and be sure to listen to the other great episodes of The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd!!

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2 Responses to “I’m on Doctor Floyd’s voice mail!”

  1. Dr. Steve says:

    Hello Trent-

    Evil Mastermind Dr. Steve here. I just wanted to say that I hope you had a good birthday party. Also, I would have liked to say that I would have loved to come to your birthday party. Unlike Dr. Floyd I LOVE going to birthday parties!

    I love eating all the food.
    Opening all the presents.
    Keeping all the presents for myself.
    Peeking while playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey.
    Popping all the balloons.
    Being the last one to leave so the hosts get REALLY annoyed.

    Oh boy, birthdays are so much fun.

    So invite me next year! I’d love to come!

    Stay Rotten,

    Dr. Steve
    Evil Mastermind

    P.S. Fidgert says, “Hello!”

  2. Dr. Grant says:


    Hey buddy! Dr. Grant from the Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd here. Hope you had a great birthday party! Dr. Floyd and I wanted to send you a little something to make up for us not being there. Do you have a P.O. Box or something we could slip something in the mail to? Let me know!


    (And NEVER invite Dr. Steve to your birthday! It’s just a disaster!)

    Dr. Grant
    Protege To The World’s Most Brilliant Scientist